Band Creator App

Listens To Chords You Play and Creates Beautiful Bass and Drums Accompaniments

The Smartest Bass and Drum Machine Ever

Band Creator listens to chords you play and creates beautiful accompaniment. It's like a having real band that plays exactly what you tell them to play.

Create Any Backing Track You Can Imagine

Jam to the exact backing track you want. To create tracks we use quality samples that were recorded using real instruments.

Over 40 Different Styles

Band Creator accompaniments you using different styles: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk and R&B. Each genre has up to 10 different styles you can play to. Choose the one that inspires you and unleash your creativity!

Multiple Controls

You can adjust volume separately for each instrument and control the master volume. You can change the tempo and even alternate it to play in double time!

Practice and Songwriting

Band Creator has 3 banks for each session. You can record different song parts (verse, chorus and bridge) and change it automatically in the right moment.

How tu use the app?

Check out the DEMO!